Monday, January 31, 2011

Make Juice, Not War! My 21 day adventure cleanse

I recently stumbled across Kris Carr's fantastic website . She is a super-sassy lady with an amazing and inspiring story. When Kris was only 31, she was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of cancer on her lungs and liver. Because her cancer was so rare, it was inoperable, aka, not treatable. Scary stuff! So Kris took it upon herself to find a way to combat her canSer. She chose an alkalizing, plant based diet and it ended up saving her life. Since her diagnosis, Kris has had her own documentary on TLC called "Crazy, Sexy, Cancer". She is also the author of three books-- "Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips", "Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor" and "Crazy, Sexy, Diet".
I was so inspired by Kris's story that I ran out and bought a copy of her latest book, "Crazy, Sexy, Diet". I bought it yesterday afternoon and read it cover to cover. I loved it! She advocates a totally plant based diet (yay!) and focuses on low Glycemic index foods, and foods that alkalize the body. Raw foods are also emphasized, and green juice every morning is a must!

I have decided to do Kris's 21 day adventure cleanse. Starting tomorrow I will cut out sugar, coffee and gluten, and add in more raw veg and green juices. I am very excited, even though this means postponing trying out some of the recipes in my new babycakes book. Maybe I can find one that is sugar free :)

I will be updating the blog daily, listing what I have eaten that day, and how the cleanse is going in general. Wish me luck!

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  1. I did the cleanse too! And tried to blog about it......even though I wasn't perfect I have found that even afterwards that I am getting back to more raw foods. Let me know how the Babycakes stuff comes out. I have the book and love the bakery but you really have to take a shopping list with you. Some of the recipes seemed the same prices as my raw cheesecakes so I haven't made any of them yet. Plus with all the fuss about agave, I just am kind of waiting for some magical healthy sweetener to come out. But LOVE Babycakes!!