Monday, January 31, 2011

Loving My Greens: Adventure Cleanse Day 2

I have never been excited to eat my greens before. The closest I got to adequate greens consumption was the handful of kale I threw in my purple rain smoothie (see earlier posts). It was better than nothing, but definitely not enough. I'm hooked on the chlorophyll, folks. Today is technically day three of my cleanse, but I'm posting the day after so I can include everything from that day. I'm still feeling really great, and I haven't had to eat anything other that the juice for breakfast. I'm surprised how filling it is. As I said yesterday, I'm not having too much trouble sticking to the food plan. However, the other components, like the daily affirmations, and sitting my ass on the meditation cushion isn't going so well. To be honest, it hasn't happened yet. I'm becoming more and more interested in meditation, but I just can't bring myself to try. I am kind of a scatter brain, and I know that I would benefit from the mental training and focus. Clearing my mind will by my greatest challenge. Maybe I will try tomorrow. Does anyone have any tips?

I have been exercising, but nothing intense. Walking the dogs in the park, and working. I work at a used bookstore, so I am on my feet most of the time, carrying books and shelving them. It can tire you out. I know I need to include more cardio and yoga. I love yoga when I do it, but i find i go through stages. Some weeks I do it everyday, and other weeks not at all. I buy yoga journal every month, and this month they are having a 21 day yoga challenge. It starts on January 10th. It's all about starting the new year right, and getting back to a daily practice. If you are interested, check out their web site here. I'm excited to start. I guess January is a month of health challenges. If you have new years resolutions involving exercise and healthy eating, challenges are a good way to form new habits. Plus, there's the satisfaction of completing a challenge, and seeing how great you can feel if you just stick to it. I know that I will be having my morning green juice even after this adventure cleanse is over.

Anyways, on to the goods!

Day 2's eats:


Green juice of course! This time I added a lime, instead of a lemon. BIG mistake. It did not taste good mingled with all of the other flavors. I was a little dissapointed because I love those little green guys.


Stefan and I went out for lunch yesterday. Our city has a very limited number of vegan friendly restaurants, let alone healthy vegan restaurants, so we decided to go with our tried and true-- Seven shores. It's a tiny little cafe that serves healthy, organic grub, well, for the most part. They also serve meat and cheese, but they have lots of vegan food too.

I had a spinach salad with apple and red pepper, and a really tasty sun-dried tomato dressing. no sugar! He showed my the label. I also had rice paper spring rolls with carrot, red pepper and scallions in them. they usually serve it with sugar-laden thai chili sauce, but I dipped mine in cashew butter instead. On the side, I had a wheat grass shot and half an apple. No photo, sorry, I ate it before I remembered my camera!


Big yummy chard salad with green goddess dressing(as you can tell, I have lots of chard in my fridge to use up)
- sliced chard
- red pepper
- avacado
- red onion
- hemp seeds
- sunflower seeds

dressing (from crazy sexy diet):
I don't have my book on me, but I'll give you the general idea
- fresh parsley
- fresh dill
- olive oil
- water
- raw apple cider vinegar
- garlic
- white miso

This is a must try dressing. Super flavorful, and hardly any oil, I think it was only 1/4 cup, and there is a lot of dressing. I love that if you change the dressing, an everyday salad tastes completely different.

On the side I had some cooked brown rice with a splash of Braggs, lightly steamed broccoli (still crunchy) and some sauteed portobellos. If you haven't tired braggs, and are still using soy sauce, try it! You cannot tell the difference. Please, it is gluten and alcohol free. It is basically a liquid made from soybeans, and has lots of essential amino acids). Here's a full list.

For snacks throughout the day I had a banana, peppermint tea and some dates (addicted to these). I should probably cut back because their GI rating is probably quite high. they are super sweet.

I also went to the health food store and grabbed some gluten-free goodness, and ingredients for some raw chocolate macaroons. Details tomorrow!

hugs and veggies

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