Monday, January 31, 2011

Adventure Cleanse Day 13-14. Bring on the exercise!

Hi everyone!
I hope you are all doing well! I'm really into my new exercise kick. I went for a longer run this morning, and stopped by the health food store and book store. Not the one I work at though. I went to our friendly competitor down the street. I wanted to pick up a new yoga dvd, but unfortunately they only had yoga for pregnancy dvds. Not useful to me! I ended up getting to pilates dvds super cheap, and a yoga ballet dvd which I thought looked interesting. I'll see how it goes. When I got home, I walked the dogs and then did 20 minutes of Vinyasa style yoga.
I'm also planning on joining the gym next week. I'm very excited! I'm not a totally newbie to gym workouts, I used to go off and on to the gym at my University. It was free which was great, but that meant that it was really crowded all the time. Plus it was weird sweating next to someone you had classes with.
I'll be joining a goodlife gym that is only 2 blocks away from my apartment, so I won't have any excuses. There are lots of group classes offered too. I've always liked those. My main goal is to increase my cardiovascular fitness, and tone up a bit. I don't really have weight to lose ( I'm 5'3" and 120 lbs), but I won't complain if the little extra flub falls off. I'm planning on going shopping this weekend so hopefully I can get some cute workout clothes to wear. I don't want to look like a bum in sweats!

I've had some good food in the last few days. Still drinking by green juice and smoothies too.

Day 13:
For breakfast I had water with lemon, green juice and 2 raw flax cookies.
For lunch I had raw collard wraps for the first time. They were really tasty, and I will definitely make them again soon. On the side I had my maple thai peanut sauce. (Instructions and recipe in later post).

For dinner, Stef and I just had leftover Cauliflower Quinoa Curry. Even better the second day!

Throughout the day I had 2 cups of green tea. I love the green tea kombucha by Yogi Organic teas. I don't think I'm getting any of the bacterial benefits from the kombucha because I add boiling water to the tea, but it still tastes good. I also had some brown rice cakes and a whole grapefruit.

For any of you living in Canada, I got these at shoppers drug mart. They are organic brown rice and sesame cakes, and I think they are under $2. They have salted and unsalted flavours, but I got the unsalted of course. The only ingredients are brown rice and sesame seeds. I love when there are only a few ingredients in packaged food, and I actually know what the ingredients are!

One part of the cleanse that I'm having a bit of difficulty with is cutting out night-time snacking. I've always been a night-time snacker, but I'm really trying to stop. If i can't hold out, I'll try to have something light like an apple or some raw kale chips. I figure those are pretty easy to digest. I know that sleep is a time for your body to restore its resources and repair itself and if you eat right before bed, your body can't do those things because it is too busy digesting all of the food you ate!

Day 14:
This morning I had a green smoothie, water with lemon and 2 pieces of gluten free garlic and herb toast. This was the best gluten free bread I've had so far. It actually tasted like bread! Except it was a bit heavier and a little chewier, but still good. I was very pleased.

For lunch I made a mexican salad with tomato chili dressing (post to follow).

I was pretty full from the salad, so I didn't really have a dinner tonight, but I did make some yummy rice cake treats!

Start with a brown rice cake, spread some peanut butter on top. Add sliced bananas, a sprinkle of cacao powder and some pumpkin seeds. YUM! you can add a drizzle of agave if you have a bit of a sweet tooth, I know I did.

Are any of you members at Goodlife? What were you experiences there?

What do you do to stay fit during the cold winter months? I'd love some tips!

Lots of love and green juice!

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