Monday, January 31, 2011

Adventure Cleanse: Days 4 & 5 Plus recipe for nut "meat"

Hi all,
Cleansing is great for your hair, well for my hair anyways. I haven't changed anything except my diet, and my hair feels super silky. loving it! Baking soda baths are great too. I have really hard water in my apartment and it makes my skin super dry. but if I add a cup of baking soda to the bath water, I don't have to moisturize. Plus it draws out toxins from the body. bonus!
Well, I'm not sick of salads yet, surprisingly. I'm trying to switch up the dressings as much as possible so they all taste different. Changing the greens helps as well. This week I've used chard, spinach and romaine. I haven't tried making a kale salad yet because i really don't like the taste of raw kale. Loving it in the juice and in smoothies with fruit, but on its own in a salad...I haven't quite made it there yet.
i had some slight detox symptoms on day 4. Just a mild headache for about an hour, and a stomach ache. Apparently this is totally normal during detox. It is just your body expelling all the junk you've accumulated.

Day 4's delicious eats:

green juice, baby!


Salad with romaine, alfalfa sprouts, red bell pepper, cherry tomatoes and left over green goddess dressing.

I also add some raw rutabaga crackers (these are addictive1) with almond butter.


rice bowl
- brown rice
- raw cherry tomatoes
- raw bean sprouts
- raw sweet peas
- sauteed portabellos and broccoli (since i'm juicing broccoli stems every morning, I have a lot of broccoli hanging around in my fridge)
- braggs

raw chocolate strawberry tart

Day 5 ALL RAW eats!

I can finally say that I have had a 100% raw food day! I'm very proud.

Liquid love green juice


raw rutabaga crackers with raw almond butter (I told you these were addictive!)


I made raw zucchini noodles with my awesome spiralizer that I got from my mom for Christmas. I love it! and I use it all the time. Thanks Mom!
I also made my raw spicy tomato sauce with raw nut "meat"

Raw Nut "Meat"

serves 2

1 c. raw almonds
1/2 c. raw sunflower seeds
1 tsp Braggs liquid aminos or soy sauce
1/2 tsp poultry seasoning ( or use can use a pinch of thyme, basil and marjoram)
1 tsp oil of choice
pinch of salt

Pulse all ingredients in a food processor until only slightly chunky


My snacks weren't so great today. I had another raw tart. (In moderation they are okay for this cleanse, but I've had quite a few. They are gone now, so I won't be tempted!) I also had some fresh pineapple. Super tasty, but pineapple has a high glycemic rating, which I should be avoiding right now.

That's all for today. Come back tomorrow to for a new recipe! Triple-decker vegan tostadas! yum, yum yum. You will love them, i promise.

Love and veggies,

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